A Sharp Pivot

I’m not one for sitting in one place for too long, and Lord knows, I’m prone to last minute shifts in direction, so the following should come as no surprise. After nearly four years spent writing under pen names, I’ve decided to take the plunge and publish stories slated for the Isobel Fletcher pen name… Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Intersections

I’ve finally finished the first story for Romancing the Weird, a collection of short, oddball romances. “Intersections” is a fairly hefty 9700 words long, which makes it technically a novelette, rather than a short story. It’s told from the perspective of Livy, a young woman who has visions of a man every time their paths cross.… Read More »

Money, Shmoney

I re-had an epiphany a few days ago: Making money is not my biggest motivator. I say “re-had” as this epiphany occurs to me on a regular basis, usually when I’m trying to find motivation to continue writing a book I know I need to write, but am losing (or have completely lost) enthusiasm to… Read More »

Positive Content Creation

At its core, Internet marketing is all about publishing, and the better the content you publish the better your results… [I]t’s absolutely critical to publish assets that can have a positive impact on your business. –Brian G. Johnson, Trust Funnel: Leverage Today’s Online Currency to Grab Attention, Drive and Convert Traffic, and Live a Fabulous… Read More »

Clarity in Writing

I just finished reading a slew of manuscript samples and came away with an astounding epiphany: Crafting readable text is a lot harder to accomplish than to recommend. The inability to accomplish usually revolves around a lack of knowledge on how to achieve basic clarity (i.e. readability). Yet, without a clearly written narrative, how can readers… Read More »

Quit Your Day Job and Write Full Time

You’ve dreamed of it all your life: Sitting on a breezy veranda, laptop open on the table in front of you, hammering away at the keyboard while a well-oiled cabana boy brings you fresh drinks and flexes his muscles. Or you want to live the Hemingway life in Key West, getting drunk every day as… Read More »

Writerly Quote of the Week

“You read advice, you read the thoughts of other writers, and you immediately believe that none of it is useful. ‘I’m just that awesome,’ you think. ‘I have nothing to learn here.’ You’re already doomed.” –Chuck Wendig, “Why You Probably Still Suck as a Writer“