A native Southerner, C.D. Watson was born and reared in the foothills of the Appalachians. She learned to read at an early age, and by the time she entered school, had devoured every scrap of print material in her home, including the telephone directory. Thanks to the influence of her singer-songwriter father, her first stories were crafted through song and verse, which morphed into a fascination with SpecFic short stories in her teens and twenties. (Thankfully, none were published.) Her love of writing finally gelled into a career after a winding, thirty-year journey through other jobs, including writing non-fiction. Diverse interests such as Near Eastern archaeology, folklore and ancient mythology, and space exploration provide ample fodder for her books.

Watson currently lives in western North Carolina. In addition to stories published under her own name, she writes under the names Lucy VarnaV.R. Cumming, and Celia Roman, and maintains a personal blog at Dreaming If.

E-mail: cd@cdwatsonauthor.com.