Clarity in Writing

I just finished reading a slew of manuscript samples and came away with an astounding epiphany: Crafting readable text is a lot harder to accomplish than to recommend. The inability to accomplish usually revolves around a lack of knowledge on how to achieve basic clarity (i.e. readability). Yet, without a clearly written narrative, how can readers […]

Lanterne niche, Château de Hautefort, Dordogne, France

Finding a Niche

I wanted to take just a few minutes to build on last week’s post about turning tired, worn-out plots and tropes upside down by adding a twist or three. February marked my two-year anniversary as a published author. In that time, and the year or so I spent studying self-publishing fiction prior to that, I’ve […]

Sounding board details, Old Ship Church, Hingham, Massachusetts.

Sounding Boards

Last night, my son and I talked for five hours straight, discussing our various projects. Essentially, we were bouncing ideas off of one another. He’s a game developer currently working on a MOBA (multi-player online battle arena). I suggested a few different ways he could branch out and gave him feedback on a UI (user […]

Character Motivation

We recently watched Battle: Los Angeles for the umpteenth time. The plot is very simple: A group of Marines led by a Staff Sergeant on the verge of retiring must rescue civilians trapped behind enemy lines after a devastatingly brutal alien invasion. Battle offers a lot to viewers. The Marines are the underdogs. (I like […]