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Quit Your Day Job and Write Full Time

You’ve dreamed of it all your life: Sitting on a breezy veranda, laptop open on the table in front of you, hammering away at the keyboard while a well-oiled cabana boy brings you fresh drinks and flexes his muscles. Or you want to live the Hemingway life in Key West, getting drunk every day as… Read More »

2015 Year in Review

This past year has been an exciting one for me and my family in many ways. My son is officially an adult and also a licensed driver, which opens up many, many opportunities for both of us, not least of which is that on our random road trips, he can drive while I work. My… Read More »

Carpe Diem

I just finished constructing a business plan for my writing. This month is the second anniversary of when I began writing the first draft of The Prophecy, my first novel, so the business plan was well overdue. Although I’d done quite a bit of research on publishing a novel before then, particularly self-publishing, it took… Read More »