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Money, Shmoney

I re-had an epiphany a few days ago: Making money is not my biggest motivator. I say “re-had” as this epiphany occurs to me on a regular basis, usually when I’m trying to find motivation to continue writing a book I know I need to write, but am losing (or have completely lost) enthusiasm to… Read More »

Can’t Never Could

Over the past few days, I’ve run into a couple of unexpected situations (some would call them opportunities) to perform a little author outreach in my local area, all to aspiring authors. One young woman said she enjoys writing, then tacked on, “Oh, but I could never write the way you do.” I looked her… Read More »

Carpe Diem

I just finished constructing a business plan for my writing. This month is the second anniversary of when I began writing the first draft of The Prophecy, my first novel, so the business plan was well overdue. Although I’d done quite a bit of research on publishing a novel before then, particularly self-publishing, it took… Read More »